It’s funny how I dieted for years and literally saw zero difference in my weight and as soon as I stop, and practically live off sweets and crisps, I lose weight. I noticed it today. When I got my job, my black jeans were a bit too small for me and I had to squeeze into them, but now I can’t walk five steps without them practically falling off. It’s cool cos I’m chuffed I’ve fianlly lost weight, but annoying becasue they are the only ‘work’ suitable trousers I have and now I need to buy new ones.

I don’t think my body it dealing with working very well. The shifts I get are at lunch time so when I finish I buy sweets at central and munch on the way home and I’m then too full to eat dinner. But the weight loss aside, I keep falling asleep at 9/10pm when I used to be able to stay up will 3am! I just can’t do that anymore. I though I would kind of adjust to it but it’s been over a month now and I’m still struggling a bit lol.

Either way I’m getting money so it’s all hunky dory. Also,  my mum and dad are renewing the car this year or whatever that means so if me and my brother want the car (if we can afford to keep it) we need to learn how to drive NOW! I doubt we will be able to afford it though becasue it’s quite a big car and it would be two young, first time drivers so the insurance would be through the roof. We’ll see.

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